Horny Toad … No matter how many times you say or hear the name, you can’t help but giggle or at least crack a smile!

Folks from far and wide visit just to learn about Cave Creek’s oldest, originally-owned restaurant and its odd name. Of course, visitors have to take home a souvenir or two.

Horny Toad is expanding its line of merchandise. The logo has been updated with hues of red, white and blue and can be found on tees, shot glasses, hats, long-sleeved shirts and more. They’re fun, unique, conversation starters and only found in the Sonoran Desert.

If you can’t live without a taste of the Horny Toad, be sure to ask for a bottle of the secret hot sauce and/or BBQ sauce, or coming soon, Horny Toad coffee.

For a true sense of the area, check out the talents of local artists. The gallery will be ever changing since the Horny Toad encourages artisans of all mediums to be considered for display and sale. (Apply within.)


Our Store Is Under Development. If you see something you would like to order, call us at 480-488-9542